The Department of Shipping, Trade and Transport was founded in 1998. its inception is concordant with the original mission statement of the University of the Aegean, the economic character of the Aegean constituency  and the strong naval  tradition of the Chios island.  The first promotion graduated in September 2002.

The Department’s Field of Study involves the analysis and elaboration of data constituting the internal and external environment of the modern financial units which operate in the composite field of Transport and Trade with special emphasis placed on the sector of Shipping. Its aim is also to encourage students to sought, select and employ appropriate and effective means and tools to the management of said units.

The Department’s mission is threefold:

  1. to offer high quality courses in Business Administration, Shipping, Transport and Trade
  2. to offer basic and applied research opportunities by encouraging the carrying out of research projects
  3. to liaise theoretical education and research with hands-on experience by collaborating with diverse businesses, institutions and organizations

The first dimension of the Department’s mission constitutes the framework for the undergraduate and graduate degree programs.

The second forms the basis for a significant part of the academic personnel’s overall activity.

As for the third, it is an integral part of the program of study and its predominant expression are the activities of the Business Affiliation Committee, the Internship program, dating from 1999, the entrepreneurship courses included in the curriculum, the scheduled lectures by field practitioners, the organized visits to various business ventures and the continuous albeit non-standardized offer of services such as counseling and consulting in career matters which are dispensed to the Departments’ graduate and postgraduate students and  alumni.