Strategic Goals


The Department, by the study and deep understanding of the combined field of Shipping, Transport and International Trade and in the context of the forthcoming socio-economic changes, has set the following strategic goals

  1. To cover the existing national educational needs and attract foreign students of academic quality
  2. To provide an innovative, high standard and sustainable program of studies which will act as a magnet for Greek and International Scientists and Researchers
  3. To improve the international competitiveness of the educational system and to upgrade in a qualitative manner the executives and operation of the Greek shipping companies by taking full advantage of the nautical tradition of Chios, the island which cradled Greek shipping and the strong links maintained with the corresponding local shipping network.
  4. To follow closely the latest developments in its thematic field but also to intervene effectively by providing knowledge, know-how and functional “tools” for businesses and organizations at the national as well as the international level.
  5. To provide innovative research and know-how by targeted post-graduate research and relevant projects
  6. To maintain close connections at the research and educational levels with other Universities in Greece and abroad
  7. To liaise with organizations and businesses by organizing lectures, conferences and summer sessions, by allocating grants and scholarships and by assigning relevant dissertation topics, research projects, internship and distant learning schemes.
  8. To strengthen the competitiveness of Greek Economy by providing a new pool of scientists practicing an integrated approach to oceangoing, short sea shipping transport and trade in general who will eventually staff businesses and public institutions.

To promote the development of the remote areas of the Aegean sea and to strengthen the multifaceted socio-economic role the University of the Aegean has to play in the border zone where it took root in accordance what was its original logic of conception.