General Information


The STT department coordinates and carries out research, instructional and developmental projects in the department ever since its establishment. From 2007 until now a total number of 30 projects corresponding to at total budget of 3.321.916 euros were carried out. Indicatively, the Department has participated in a number of actions in the context of programs such as Jean Monnet, Τransportnet, eFreight, Rural-eGov, Go-Digital, Promethea κλπ.

The Department has established a number of Research Laboratories the goal of which is to promote research subjects related to Shipping, Transport and International Trade. The Laboratories in question are

  • Laboratory of Shipping and Port Management (ReShip)
  • Laboratory of Informatics and New Technologies in Shipping, Transport and Insular Development
  • Laboratory of Geographic Information Systems, Geo-economy and Geopolitics
  • Laboratory of Transport and Decision Making
  • Laboratory of Applied Economics and Finances

The Department actively promotes research in the combined field of Shipping, Trade and Transport by organizing international scientific conferences and the faculty members are the authors of numerous conferences  and publishes articles in scientific magazines.