The Department of Shipping, Trade and Transport (STT) was founded in 1998 in the island of Chios, in line with character of the Aegean region and the long nautical tradition of Chios. The core STT mission is to deliver high quality academic education services based on undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctoral programs, the dissemination of innovative theoretical and applied research of international standards and its interrelation with the economy and the society, paying attention to the sectors  Shipping, Transportation, International Trade, and Entrepreneurship. 

The Department of Shipping, Trade and Transport (STT) has succeeded to emerge as an extrovert international Centre of Excellence in University shipping studies. This success is confirmed by the global academic community, as certified by numerous grants, distinctions and prizes, and the distinctive career paths of the Department’s graduates.

The Department of Shipping, Trade and Transport offer autonomous undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctoral academic programs:

  • Undergraduate Studies Program (USP): four-year duration. 
  • Two Postgraduate Studies Programs (PSP) – diversified:
    • Postgraduate Program (MSc) “Shipping, Transportation, International Trade – STT”, the first ever founded MSc in Greece with a specialization in shipping, and transportation systems. It is delivered in Greek language predominantly by modern distance learning approaches, in conjunction with short periods of intensive lecture cycles at the Department’s headquarters.
    • The new Postgraduate Program (MBA) Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Shipping in English, of one-year duration, is offered since academic year 2020-2021. This MBA is the only English postgraduate program in shipping in Greece, combining distance learning approaches, in conjunction with two short periods of intensive lecture cycles at the Department’s headquarters.
  • Doctoral Studies Program (DSP) leads to the attainment of a Doctor of Philosophy Diploma (PhD). STT Department offers also the European Doctoral program (European PhD) of the European University Network TRANSPORTNET.

We are a research intensive department and study the fields that matter, in order to transform the maritime world and your future.

Our academics are world-leading experts in the fields of finance, shipping management and port economics, maritime law and geopolitics, transportation modeling, environmental studies, digital technology and innovation.

The Department of Shipping Trade and Transport has numerous knowledge and research services to advance the strategies of maritime organizations.


Undergraduate Studies

Shipping, Trade and Transport MSc

MBA in Shipping


New Technologies in Shipping and Transport MSc

PhD Program

Our research is led by people who care authentically about shipping, trade and transport and whose analysis and insight change society.

We constantly work on securing and enhancing centre-stage positioning in key research areas, research that has high impact identified through its use and public recognition, an increase in research income, and increase in the number of our doctoral researchers.