Candidates Application

How to Apply for the Postgraduate Program

  1. The University of the Aegean, Department of Shipping, Trade and Transport (STT) announces that it accepts applications for its Postgraduate Program of Studies NAME, in Shipping, Trade and Transport, for the academic year 2009-2010.
  2. The Program aims:
    • To enhance by means of instruction and research not only the knowledge but also the way of thinking of its graduates concerning the modern problems and requirements of Business Management and Economics
    • To endow its graduates with all necessary knowledge and know-how for an executive career in Shipping, Transport and International Trade. Until now, the reception reserved to our graduates by Businesses and Institutions of the field is enthusiastic
    • To offer the opportunity to Business and Institution Executives to update and upgrade their knowledge capital and guarantee themselves a successful further career course
    • To open the path those who wish to further pursue their studies by undertaking a Ph.D program of studies.
  3. The Postgraduate Studies in the above program which is offered in Chios for the eleventh consecutive year kead to the obtention of a Master’s Degree. Four paths of specialization are offered:
    • Shipping Management
    • Shipping, Enternpeneurship and Law
    • Intermodal Transport and New Technologies
    • International Economics and Finance

    The postgraduate program NAME offers to graduates the possibility to further pursue their studies if they match the academic profile and obtain a Ph D. (Doctor of Philosophy). It is noted here that the establishment of a European Ph.d Programe of studies coordinated by the Transportnet network of European Universities is pending.

    Generally, the Postgraduate Program NAME provides access to the activities of the international network of Universities TRANSPORTNET which consists oft eight distinguished Universities in research and instruction in the field of Shipping and Transport, namely the University of Antwerp, the Delſt University of Technology, the University of Genova, the Instituto Superior Técnico Lisboa, the Université  de Lyon 2, the Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology and the University of the Aegean (STT).

  4. The course starts at September and entails attending postgraduate course for at least two (2) academic semesters as well as the submission of a thesis dissertation.
  5. Candidates are registered after a round of interviews and assessment of their standard and non-standard qualifications. A suitable qualified candidate’s profile for the Msc in Shipping in Transport and International Trade, according to the Law 2083/1992 includes a first degree from Greek or Foreign Institutions of recognized status in:

    • Business Administration and Financial Studies
    • Shipping
    • Science
    • Computer Studies
    • Law

    As well as

    • Officers of the Hellenic Navy, the Coastal Guards and other military Academies
    • Graduates of National Technical Universities
    • Officers of the Merchant Marineif they fulfill the entrance requirements as described by Law.

    The Selection Committee retains the right to ask applicants–holders of non relevant degrees to follow a foundation programme consisting of six courses prior to their enrollment.

  6. Candidates will be assessed according to the following standards
    • Grand Point Average of First Degree
    • Grades in Courses related to the Specialization to be  pursued
    • Certified English Linguistic Competency (Additional Languages will be considered as assets)
    • Work Experience
    • Research Activity
    • Reference Letters and Recommendations
    • Any other element testifying to the Applicants qualifications
    • Personal Interiew
  7. The possibility to collaborate in paid positions in the carrying out of Research Projects is offered to Postgraduate Students. They are also eligible for Teaching Assistant positions in the context of the educational mission of the Department.
  8. Postgraduate students are eligible candidates for a certain number of grants and scholarships from various sponsors.
  9. Interested parties are invited to submit to the Postgraduate Secretariat of NAME in the following address 2a Korai Str, 82100, Chios, co M. Lykourina a folder containing the following documents:
    1. A printed application form (to be provided by the Secretariat or downloaded at the following address :
    2. Two passport photos
    3. A certified copy of a passport or id card
    4. Certified copies of the original degrees and their relevant equivalent forms to be obtained from the Greek Organism of  DOATAP if the degrees were not obtained in Greece
    5. A certified copy of the students analytic course transcript
    6. A full CV including details of the applicants’ studies, research activities and work experience.
    7. The certificate attesting the linguistic competence in English and the corresponding certificate for Greek language for non-Greek nationals
    8. Two reference letters, one of which must necessarily be written by one of the applicants former Instructors
    9. A declaration of Law . 1599/86 attesting they are not enrolled in any other postgraduate studies program
    10. A Memo detailing the reasons for which they wish to enrol and whether they receive or wish to receive a Scholarship or Grant
    11. Every element they think would help the Admission Committee to form an opinion on the candidate’s application
  10. For more information, please contact the NAME secretariat at tel 22710-35222, fax:22710-35229, e-mail: Website