Students are under the obligation to be examined in the courses they have attended throughout the Cycle of studies where the latte were taught as well as upon the completion of the term. The members of the teaching staff have absolute authority over the choice of the means and methods of assessment and they communicate them to students during the first week of instruction. The exam scheme may include mid terms and final exams which take place during the last week of instruction.

Students, under certain circumstances and with the approval of their Advisor, have the right to drop one of the courses they were registered in modifying their program accordingly. Nevertheless, they can only do so subject to the approval of the General Assembly and no later than the end of the third week of instruction.

Students who fail to pass one single course of the Cycle they have registered in, retain the right to attend courses of the next, provided they will follow the course in question over the next academic year, if the course is compulsory, or submit a relevant project or sit an exam session for the second time, subject to the approval of the course Instructor.

Students who fail for two consecutive exam sessions to pass a compulsory course, or two courses during one exam period, are referred to the Coordination Committee which suggest the conditions under which they may eventually pursue their studies the next academic year to the General Assembly or their definitive suspension. If a student fails for the second time in two course he is definitively suspended from the Postgraduate Program of Studies.