General Description

The Postgraduate Program “Shipping, Transport and International Trade” aims to generate and transfer knowledge, know-how Methodologies, functional tools and research conclusions in the field of Shipping, Transport and Trade. The Postgraduate Study Program aspires to contribute a new generation of modern and competitive scientists and it is geared towards postgraduate specialization in managing business institutions and organizations, in sectors such as transport, trade and the internationally competitive sector of shipping.

The postgraduate program NAME offers to graduates a Master of Science degree and, if they care to further pursue their studies and they match the academic profile, a Ph D. (Doctor of Philosophy). A suitably qualified candidate’s profile for the Msc in Shipping in Transport and International Trade (NAME) includes a first degree in relevant subjects such as Business Administration, Financial Studies, Science, Law or Computer Studies. The Department equally welcomes applications from graduates of National Technical Universities, Vocational Technical Institutions (TEI) military academies, and officers of the Hellenic Navy, the Merchant Marine and the Coastal Guards if they fulfill the entrance requirements as described in the Article 16 of Law 2327/95.

The duration of the MSc degree is 12 months. Four areas of specialization are offered:

  • Management of Shipping Companies
  • Shipping, Enterpreunership and Law
  • Intermodal Transport and NewTechnologies
  • International Economics and Finance

The Key Assets of the Postgraduate Studies Program

  1. Strong connection with a hands-on experience and the successful practitioners of the field business 
  2. Flexibility in specialization and in-depth courses offer 
  3. A diverse pool of applicants from which the best in every field may be chosen
  4. Attraction of a high standard teaching and research staff thanks to the schemes of shorter teaching appointments and summer session courses
  5. Matching theses, postgraduate and doctoral dissertations with real and specific job market demands.
  6. The establishment and operation of Laboratories on Shipping Management, Informatics and Decision Making and Transport.
  7. The intensive association of teaching activities with research
  8. Special showcase and promotion opportunities for the program outcomes and subsequent employment and carrier advancement in the business world.