Shipping Trade and Transport MSc

The MSc Program in “Shipping, Transport and International Trade” aspires to educate a new generation of top rank scientists to serve the shipping and transport industries. We offer three main streams of specialisation, namely finance, law and technology management that enrich the shipping management and economics foundations of our graduate students. We ensure that our graduates have a unique opportunity to master the competitive landscape of modern shipping management activities, with knowledge and skills covering a broad range of interdisciplinary, modern subjects such  as, shipping strategy, maritime economics, commercial, insurance and maritime law, green shipping technology, digitalisation management and project and risk management. We insist in understanding theory, methodologies, applications, tools and practical applications of the  shipping management reality. We aim at educating professionals with critical thinking, a hard work mentality and soft skills that make the difference in a highly competitive, global workforce for shipping and maritime business management. We introduce and further familiarise our students with real life shipping leadership, through our distinguished lecture series. We offer access to a special industry for talented and competent people.