Student Support

Building Infrastructure-Classrooms  

The Postgraduate Stuides Program is housed in the facilities of the Department.

The Library

The  Library  of  the  School  of Management  and  Administration  is  the  Chios  situated at the Michaleion building. All students, academic and administrative staff and  the public have access  to  the Library.

The  library  stock  consists  of  19.000  volumes  and  150  Greek  and  foreign  current  scientific  titles covering  the  needs  of  all  the  scientific  areas  pertaining  to  the  School. Furthermore, the  library collection is constantly enriched and updated with the addition of books and periodicals pertaining to department’s scientific areas. In the “Korais I” building there is a small Reading Room equipped with all the necessary books and notes (multiple copies of reference books) for the courses offered.

Telecommunication and Informatics Infrastructure

Supporting the educational activities and the promotion of scientific research the School of Business Administration has put at the students’ disposition:

  • The Department has modern fully equipped computer rooms which are constantly upgraded. The Postgraduate Study Program has a dedicated computer room located at the Department’s premises
  • State of the art and continuously upgraded telecommunication networking (Aegean Net) which connects not only the buildings but also the islands where the diverse facilities of the University are located and all the above to the international networks (such as the Internet).

The laboratory of the Postgraduate Studies Program (NAME) constitute a prototype special area for research and education by offering:

  • Simulation, analysis and investigation of the operation of a modern shipping enterprise in various situations (case studies-emergencies).
  • Research and development of new tools and applications of advanced technology
  • The analysis of issues related to navigation safety and applications of total quality in Shipping, Transport and Trade
  • The promotion of state of the art methods for the organization and administration of Shipping Companies as well as Transport and International Trade in general

Administrative Services

The Postgraduate Studies Program is supported by a number of administrative services including:  the Departments’ Students Secretariat, the Academic Secretariat, Financial Affairs Service and Administrative Services of the School of Business Administration as well as the Business Affiliation and Career Office of the University.

Business Affiliation Committee

The Business Affiliation Committee promotes affiliation and communication with businesses on all levels of education, where bilateral cooperation is in demand. The Committee is made up of members of the faculty, students as well as representatives of all ranks of production within the country.

The Committee’s basic activities are:

  1. Student internships
  2. Educational visits to businesses
  3. Weekly lectures of leading practitioners in the Business Sector at the University
  4. The  collection  and  processing  of  data  related  to  the  latest  developments  in  the  practice  of management  and  business  administration which  aims  to  facilitate  the  study  of  specific  business practices (case studies) the  supervised completion of undergraduate and postgraduate projects, the organization of postgraduate study programs geared toward professionals of the business world and  the  development  of  a  fruitful  dialogue  concerning  the  creative  revision  of  the  School’ s curriculum.
  5. Setting up interviews for graduate students for carrier advancement and employment
  6. Linking theses, postgraduate and doctoral dissertations with Greek job market demands.


The Department has the possibility to provide free accommodation  in the School Dormitories to a selected number of Postgraduate Students. Dormitories are located 5 klm away from the center of the town.