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Port Economics and Port Policy


Dr. Athanasios A. (Thanos)Pallis is Professor at the Department of Shipping, Trade and Transport, of the University of the Aegean, where he teaches Port Economics and Management, Port Policies and Development, Economics of the European Union, and the postgraduate course European Port Policy. A Fulbright Scholar (2008-11) at the Centre for Energy, Marine Transportation and Public Policy (CEMTPP), Columbia University, New York, US, he holds a Visiting Professor post at the Centre for International Trade and Transportation, Dalhousie University, Halifax, Canada (since 2007) and lectures at the University of Antwerp, ITMMA (since 2006). His research and teaching interests include port economics and policy; (maritime) transport policies and governance; applications of microeconomic and industrial policies in the transportation sector. Th. Pallis served as General Secretary for Ports & Port Policy, Ministry of Development, Competitiveness and Shipping, Hellenic Republic, and Member of the National Council for the Development of State assets (2011-12). He served as the Secretary General of Med Cruise. He is the scientific coordinator of a Jean Monnet action in European Port Policy he is aregular contributor at OECD, UNCTAD, European Commission, IAPH, AIVP,and ESPO (European Seaport Organization) discussions regarding the shaping of the port sector, and has participated in research teams advising the European Commission and national governments on port performance and benchmarking. In 2008 he led research on port concessions that won the “Maritime Economics & Logistics Best Paper Award, 2008”. He won the “Best European Study 1999” Competition, organised by the European Community Studies Association (ECSA). His work has been cited in the international literature over 700 times, and acknowledged, by the European Parliament and reviews of the most important studies in the field of port economics and policy.

Selected Publications

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