Laboratory in Research in Shipping and Port Management (ReShip)


The Laboratory of Research in Shipping and Port Management (ReShiP) is part of the research infrastructure of the Department of Shipping, Trade and Transport (STT) of the University of the Aegean. It is located at Chios. Although it was formally established during 2009, ReShiP’s inaugurated its operation in 2005 when the first research and teaching activities were conducted in its framework.

The Reship Laboratory statement of mission includes:

  • To conduct research in the fields of shipping and ports in view of developing methodologies, tools and indicators for recording the evolution of markets the operation of which is governed by their globalised nature.
  • To develop methodologies and infrastructure for the analysis of the various aspects of the shipping and port sectors’ operation, especially from the viewpoint of economics, management and finance
  • To conduct research on the social dimensions of the Maritime Transport Systems
  • To study maritime transport planning, operation and externalities and the interaction of the different maritime transport systems with the institutional factors and the stakeholders
  • To investigate  the effects of the technological developments in the field of shipboard management and how the former affect the shore-based management and operation of ships and cargoes
  • To study the role played by human resources in the operation of maritime transport systems
  • To support of the research and teaching activities of the Department of Shipping, Trade and Transport in the fields  of Shipping Management, Shipping Markets’ Analysis, Shipping Finance, Operations Management of Shipping, Shipboard Management, Maritime Economics, Management and Economics of Ports ad Terminals, Port Policy, Strategic Management, Total Quality Management, Passenger Shipping Management and Human Resources Management.