Strategic Vision

The Department of Shipping Trade and Transport is committed to:

  • offer top rank education in Management Science for Shipping, Transport and Trade professionals, researchers and policy makers
  • conduct basic and applied research in emergent fields that shape shipping and transportation science and practice
  • ensure education, research and corporate reality are intertwined; we  collaborate with maritime businesses, ivy league research institutions and global organizations

We implement our vision, everyday. We offer an innovative undergraduate studies program, and a number of competitive, graduate studies programs.

Our academics and research students are at the forefront of global research activities, in the fields of shipping management and transportation science. We develop new techniques, applications and theories for shipping and transport as intertwined with legal, technical, environmental and geopolitical determinants.

The academic life at our Department is enriched while actively interacting with the corporate world; lectures series with distinguished speakers, consulting services and joint industry-academia research projects are regular activities of ours.

Apparently, the Department of Shipping Trade and Transport has a multifaceted research and education agenda. We aspire to

  • cover the current and future needs for highly educated people, to work in an array of maritime organizations, globally
  • contribute in advancing the competitiveness and efficiency of our national educational system and henceforth shape the shipping workforce that transforms the industry for sustainability, innovation and growth
  • conduct innovative research in fields that matter and shape the maritime sector
  • foster creative research collaboration opportunities with research and education institutes, also shipping companies, port organisations and many more stakeholders in the maritime cluster
  • liaise with maritime organizations, firms and influential maritime institutions for strategic and policy initiatives