Internships provide an opportunity to expose the student to a career that matches with his/her academic and personal interests. Internships are a great way to improve their resume before they enter the workforce.

Our internship programme offers to students remunerated placements during their summer holidays for the whole duration of their studies. We follow students’ progress very closely, with the supervision of internship advisors (faculty members).

Our internship programme has been a great success, having ensured:

  • To provide students with the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the business and professional world and reflect theory and methods they have been taught during the academic semester studies, while gaining hands-on experience of the business activities.
  • To enable students gain insight of a broad spectrum of sectors and organizations (inter-branch and inter-sector internships), and the different units, operations and technical systems within.
  • To facilitate the graduates’ forthcoming access into the labor market and make their career choice more informed.

The students’ participation in the Internship program is optional.

Internships are integrated into the curriculum and last approximately 6 weeks. Students who wish to participate must submit an application form to the Registry of the In-Company Internships. Positions are assigned under the supervision of the program’s Coordinator (typically a faculty member) and in accordance with the students’ academic performance, his/her preferences and his/her prior assignments.

Therefore, an internship is a truly valuable opportunity, not just monetarily but also in immeasurable experiences that will enhance your scholastic investment. An internship can help you understand what exactly you do and do not want to do in your career; it will open the door to additional opportunities, and gives the chance to put hours of lectures, labs, group projects into practice. 


Internship Program Coordinator
Tel: +30 22710-35 213