Β' Κύκλος

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The learning outcomes focus on students gaining a systematic and applied in-depth knowledge of modern theoretical principles and empirical approaches and instruments to shipping corporate financial decisions. Emphasis is placed on the appraisal of critical investment, financing and operational managerial decisions; this can support shipping companies remain competitive and sustain corporate growth in a highly volatile and risky setting. The course provides a solid, integrated framework towards efficient and complex shipping finance management in a global perspective.


The learning outcomes, more specifically, are outlined as:

  • familiarized with the core functions, properties, rigidities and risks of shipping markets from a ship finance perspective
  • comprehend fundamental principles, approaches and instruments in efficient financial management of shipping companies
  • appraise strategic investment decisions to support shipping corporate growth
  • evaluate modern sources and tools to fund raising of shipping companies:
    banking sector and international capital markets
  • implement efficient financial risk management strategies with shipping derivatives
  • appraise critical corporate governance principles and incorporate best managerial practices in shipping companies.