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 The aim of the course is to provide the basis on demand analysis for products and services in the areas of shipping, transportation, and telecommunications. Students are asked to conduct a market research and analyze the results based on the theory developed during the lectures. The main topics covered in the course include: (a) sampling methodology, (b) data collection and questionnaire analysis, (c) GPS data analysis, (d) development of discrete choice models, (e) assessment of statistical assumptions, (f) forecasting methodology, and ( g) presenting the methodology and results of the a market research.

At the end of the course learners should be able to understand the behavior and needs of users, to design a market research, to process statistical data, to develop models simulating user behavior and to apply these standards for future predictions.

The Demand Analysis course aims at:

• To provide students with the ability to carry out a comprehensive and effective market research.

• To provide students with the necessary skills to conduct statistical analysis and to develop econometric models.

• To provide the knowledge for proper sample design.

• To contribute to the analytic and synthetic ability of learners.