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The special nature of the course dictates the special nature of learning outcomes. By successfully completing it, students are expected to have improved their overall linguistic proficiency of English as a Second Language and to acquire the rudiments of Business English Vocabulary which will allow them to follow the English A’ lectures without major comprehension problems.

Pre-intermediate level learners are a delicate group to deal with in the ESP context at the best of times. They are usually false beginners and suffer from grammar fatigueand all other forms of language-learning fatigue, i.e. they have long years of English language learning experiences under their belt and not much to show for it, or so they think. It is for this reason that, although a communicative framework of language teaching is a given in this case, with the added provisions of task-based learning, authentic material used and  authentic  texts carried out, the course is more or less learner-centered and takes its main form from the students’ feedback on what works for them and what does not. Of course this entails a very close collaboration with the learners’ group, a lack of fear for working under uncertainty, a wide range of materials to be available and an increased workload for the Instructor.