Laboratory of Applied Economics and Finance (LabAEF)


The Laboratory of Applied Economics and Finance supports the educational and research needs of the Department in the following fields:

  • Analysis and Evaluation of the International Macro and Micro Environment
  • Monitoring of Critical Issues in International Economics – Finance
  • Applied Corporate Finance
  • Money – Capital Markets & Intermediate Financial Institutions
  • Modern Financial Tools & Innovations
  • Strategies of Asset Management Funds – Hedge Funds
  • Analysis and Management of Financial Risks
  • Financial Derivatives Applications
  • Mergers, Acquisitions, Corporate Restructuring
  • Corporate Governance and Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Shipping Finance
  • Dynamic Quantitative Methods and Econometric Models

Core Aims of the Laboratory of Applied Economics and Finance:

  • support and further development of teaching and research requirements at undergraduate and postgraduate level in the Department and the University of the Aegean,
  • educational and applied research collaboration with domestic and international Research Centres, Academic Institutions and Universities in joint or complementary research fields, targeting scientific synergies and diffusion of research output,
  • organization of scientific activities and events (lectures, congresses, summer schools etc.), for the promotion of research collaboration with members of the international academic community,
  • publication of international research papers in top academic journals and participation in international conferences and workgroups,
  • study and understanding of market needs and submission of focused proposals for most effective application and support of financial management,
  • composition and proposal of alternative policy recommendations and management principles in contemporary topics of international economics and finance, with an emphasis on the fields of the Laboratory.