Laboratory of Research on Transport and Decision-Making (TRANSDEM)

The Laboratory of Transport and Decision Making Sciences (TRANSDEM) at the Department of Shipping, Trade and Transport (STT), is directed by Prof. A. Polydoropoulou. TRANSDEM aims at promoting fundamental and applied research, in the fields of Transportation, Decision Making, Statistics, Operational Analysis, Simulation Design, Modeling, and Policy and Environmental Analysis. Members of the TRANSDEM have participated in several EU funded projects such as: URIT, GO-ONLINE, WEBSIG, NAUTILUS, INNOSUTRA, HERMES, CAPTAIN, SLIM-VRT, POET, iPORTS, PACTS and GRETIA. Furthermore, its members have been active participants of distinguished university networks such as MIT, UMASS, University of California Santa Barbara, University of Illinois at Chicago and TRANSPORT.NET, as well as the National Technical University of Athens. Therefore the interdisciplinary composition of the research team proposed in SMILES, includes members of the above networks and guarantees good cooperation and achievement of all the goals of excellence set by the project. TRANSDEM is equipped and has strong expertise with coding software packages for internet-based data collection (MINT, SAWTOOTH); statistical analysis (SPSS, Eviews, Gauss, ALOGIT, SST, TSP, BIOGEME, ICVL); transportation simulation (MITSIM, SATURN, VISSIM and VISUM); GIS (ARCVIEW and ARCINFO) which will be used for the data collection and behavioural modeling proposed. The lab has expertise in developing electronic platforms such as an on-line Information System (iPORTAll); a recommender system for maritime education; a simulation network covering the greater Athens area (PAME); and a transport simulation model of Chios and Lersvos islands (developed at the GRETIA project). It has available Data Bases with time series data: Passenger Flows in Coastal Shipping and Aviation; Accidents in Chios prefecture; Indexes of well-being of island residents and Athens. TRANSDEM is the publisher of the International Transport and Shipping Journal.