Laboratory of Informatics and New Technologies in Shipping, Transport and Insular Development (LINTSTID)


The mission of the Lab is:

  1. The Research in ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) and renewable energy sources; in specific to develop methodologies, techniques and indicators, for recording and monitoring related technical systems
  2. Exploring the social dimensions associated with ICT applications in shipping, transport and ecological development.

The research focus of the Lab is interdisciplinary:

  1. The implementation of intelligent computing and new technologies in maritime transport and regional development
  2. The design of new management models and blue growth approaches and solutions arising from technological developments in computing and new technologies
  3. The integration of Offshore Renewable energy structures, towards technological and ecological insular development.
  4. The insular and regional development based on application of informatics science and environmental techniques.

Research Awards

– 2006 Lloyd’s List Award for Maritime Innovation, for the program of Ecological Floating Autonomous Desalination
– RegioStars Award 2008 on Energy Efficiency and renewable energies for the program of Ecological Floating Autonomous Desalination

International Patents

– (WO/2007/096680) Stable floating structure with limited oscillations

– (WO/2007/096679) System for energy recovery and reduction of deposits on the membrane surfaces in (variable power and variable production) reverse osmosis desalination systems