Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Systems for Shipping and Transport


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The course focuses on the application of “new technologies” in shipping, transport and trade, “New technologies” show significant development in recent years and this is related to the parallel development of information and communication technology. The development of internet and broadband contribute to the creation of new access services that support shipping, transport and trade. Course specializes in utilization of information systems in shipping and transport, along with basic principles of operation of electronic systems, applications to ships and the support that they provide throughout the maritime industry. Also, analyses applications of electronic systems in coastal areas, the ship voyage auditing systems, and the communication mechanisms that support the new management practices of the shipping companies. Specific characteristics of electronic systems are focused on their contribution to increase the safety levels, which is a major factor of modern shipping companies.

The learning outcomes focus on students gaining a systematic and applied in-depth knowledge of modern ICT technologies applied in shipping and transportation. The learning outcomes, include:

–          to comprehend fundamental principles that lead to the application of ICT systems in shipping and transport,

–          to understand the needs for safe management and the consequences in case of lack of electronic systems,

–          to understand the technologies utilized in order to safely operate ships and ports,

–          to understand regulations,

–          to understand the architecture and special features of ICT systems applied in maritime sector

–          to comprehend the communication interfaces between onboard and shipping company office that