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Upon successful completion of the course the students:
• have obtained knowledge about innovation management in the modern technological and economic environment, in particular the current, formal terminology, the main concepts and the main, modern economic and management approaches of innovation managemnent
• have the competences to apply the relevant conceptual frameworks in the field of shipping and transport and organizations and enterprises operating in a number of related markets
• have the ability to synthesize and critically apply the techniques of innovation management in the modern work environment, in particular to evaluate and make decisions, and to implement innovation management initiatives / projects. In particular, recognize the different types of innovation (service, process, business model innovation, etc.), phases and management requirements of the innovation process (creation of ideas, acquisition of resources, creation of value etc) and support the above activities with corresponding methodologies / techniques  (i.e. scenario analysis, business model canvas, SWOT, etc.).
Emphasis is put on the develipement of competences in terms of implementation abilities, as well as the ability to critically assess and make decisions in the strategic and oerational context of shipping companies, port organizations and transport organizations and their wider technological and commercial-economic environment, whre innovation management takes place.