Η' Εξάμηνο

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 The purpose of this course is to:

Sensitize students on economic, political and socio-cultural differences among nations.

·         Explain the significance of international trade, analyze the issues raised in international operations and the role of marketing in dealing with them.

·         Describe the role of marketing people in an internationally active business.

·         Contribute to the understanding of the issues involved in marketing operations in an international or global, as opposed to a domestic setting.

·         Analyse in-depth the various strategies for entering international markets and the criteria for choosing between them.

Having completed the course successfully, students should be able to:

·         Comprehend the significance of international trade and the role of marketing for this.

·         Perform a market entry strategy analysis and submit a recommendation.

·         Face selected marketing challenges in international firms, taking into account factors that affect them