Introduction to Computer Science


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The Course Introduction to Computer Science includes lectures and laboratory exercises. Lectures present a broad picture of the dynamic computer science field. They are accessible to students from all backgrounds and encourage the development of a practical, realistic understanding of the field. Through lectures, laboratory experience and assignments students learn the computer science fields of the course syllabus.  The goal of the course is to teach basic principles and practical issues, while at the same time preparing students to use computers effectively for applications in the scientific discipline that will follow in their studies.

The student would understand major sectors of computer science including:

  • Computer systems Architecture
  • Binary system
  • Computer Operating Systems
  • Computer networks
    • Basic Algorithms and programming

    Through laboratory practice students will be able to (a) to utilize the main operating system functions, (b) to manage and organize their files, (c) to utilize network services, (d) to perform word processing, (e) to use spreadsheets, (δ) to develop simple programms.