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Macroeconomics aim to:

Provide first year students with fundamental concepts, definitions and methods of analysis to comprehend macroeconomic theory.

Explicate the operation of basic economic sectors and markets, the circular flow of product and income, the role of public sector and issues which monetary and fiscal policy are concerned with.

Equip students with knowledge and tools enabling the deepening in topics related to the application of economic policy at national level and international transactions.

At the end of the semester students must be able to:

Depict and explain the structure and the evaluation of national Income

Explain and count the determination of National Income

Explain and examine the role of the public sector and the tools of fiscal policy

Describe the operation of money and exchange rate markets

Describe and examine money, product and labour markets and macroeconomic equilibrium

Describe and comprehend economic problems like unemployment and inflation as well as the tools of economic policy (monetary and fiscal) employed to confront them.