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The content of the course develops the basic principles of ship structure, operation and management at a theoretical and applied level. In this context, the course aims to develop students’ knowledge and skills to:
1. Understand the basic techno-economic differences of the basic types of ships
2. Be able to assess the parameters specific to commercial ship management.
3. To enhance the level of perception of learners on issues they examine and describe the complexity of the techno-economic parameters existing in the shipping sector

Learning outcomes sought
1. To acquire basic knowledge of the specificities of ships as their transport systems, their operation and their functionality.

The content of the course includes:
– Fundamental Principles and basic traits as well as geometric characteristics of ships
Structure and terminology related to the ship
– Propulsion & basic Engine Machinery
– Operating cost of the ship and calculating basic costs in relation to the type of ships
– Ship management and assessment
– Modern technological, operational and management systems
– Green shipping and ship technologies
– Maritime industry and new technologies
– Case studies