Panou Constantinos

Associate Professor



+30 22710 35249


Transportation Systems Engineering and Management


Dr. Konstantinos Panouis Assistant Professor in the Dept. of Shipping, Trade and Transport of the University of the Aegean. He holds a MSc and PhD degree and has two main areas of professional experience and expertise, one in decision making and risk assessment and the other in transport systems analysis. He teaches Transport Economics, Transport Decision-making and Special Topics in Transportation. He is an author of one book and more than 40 articles in scientific journals and conferences. He’s also a member of 15 professional associations, scientific boards and committees in Europe and worldwide. His 18 years of professional career spans ten years in the transport industry and eight years in the academia. During the course of his career he has led several research projects and participated in numerous consultancy assignments. Featured research contracts include: ONTIME, aiming to increase the level of automation of railway operating systems; SMART-CM, looking at the development of Value Added Services in Intermodal Chains; EFFORTS, a project on use case analysis for effective processes in ports; IMROVERAIL a project on railway infrastructure pricing and access management; TRANS-TALK, a thematic network on Policy and Project Evaluation Methodologies; PROFIT, a guide to Public-Private Partnership funding for trans-European network projects; ASSEMBLING, recommendations and pilot studies for the establishment of Transport Monitoring Centers in Europe; CODE-TEN, looking at the development of transport policy assessment methodologies;and EUNET, a project developing guidelines for the appraisal of socio-economic impacts of transport infrastructure systems improvements. Recent consultancy assignments include: decision support for transport project appraisal; assessment of transport information systems; risk analysis; and risk perception and communication. Advisory work on decision support procedures and applications to specific decision making problems includes work with several Transport Managing Authorities and Transport Operators in Greece and the EU.

Selected Publications

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