Policies and Management for Environmental Protection


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The course “Management, Protection and Policies for the Environment” attempts a holistic approach on the environmental impacts of shipping. After successfully completing this course, the students will be able to:

  1. Understand the impact of shipping on the quality of the environment, with emphasis on current issues such as atmospheric pollution and greenhouse effect, transfer of non-native organisms with ballast water, ship recycling; and on more classic issues such as oil pollution,
  2. Be able to justify the need to develop a regulatory framework or economic measures at international level to deal with the above effects and understand that the content of these measures is uniquely related to the phenomena they are attempting to address,
  3. Know the key points of the regulatory framework and be able to recall them and use them in problems they will face in their work or academic course,

4. Understand the innovations on the design, technologies, and operation of ships in order to reduce their environmental impact on the environment.