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Spring Safety School

Road traffic accidents are one of the most common causes of death and permanent disability worldwide. Nearly 43.000 drivers and passengers are killed in traffic crashes in the European Union every year (ETSC,2009), with young individuals paying a disproportionately heavy levy (ETSC, 2009; ESYE, 2010).


In order to reduce car accidents and fatalities, it is vital to advance training both for adults and juveniles. The objective of this course is to train adult learners and councilors on road safety and help them acquire the appropriate skills for promoting safe driving and for increasing the individual safety level in day-to-day driving conditions. Therefore, the course is focused on training adult learners and councilors on road safety issues and driving techniques, in order to ensure that parents, families, teachers and ultimately adolescents will receive properly road safety education. Road safety experts and psychologists train adult learners and practitioners on how they could organize and develop road safety training events for adults in their countries.


The program especially focus on educating adult trainers and councilors on the basics of road traffic legislation principles, driver education and behavior, current status of road environment and enforcement, causes and hazards which lead to road accidents, and post-accident management. The course include presentations on:

• How adults and children can stay safe on road;

• Speed management;

• Driving techniques;

• Drink and drive;

• Eco-driving; and

• Psychological issues related to driving behavior.

The training course provides 18 hours of lectures and demonstrations, and 12 hours of workshops.





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