Ship Repair management- maintenance


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The Ship Repair management- maintenance course analyzes techno-economic data on the organization and conduct of ship repairs. The process of planning maintenance and repair work is analyzed in relation to techno-economic factors related to the type of ship, the location of the yard, the preparation time of the shipping company’s staff and others. An analysis and presentation of the costing process of the work as well as the policies involved is made. They analyze and deepen on issues relating to the credibility of ship’s technological systems, maintenance, targeting policies and maintenance strategies and the models that support it.

The learning outcomes of the course are summarized in:

– Understanding the fundamental principles of repairs and maintenance of ships

– Structure and terminology related to machines and systems

– Financial and technical characteristics for ship repair and maintenance

– Implementation of best practices on the ship and by the shipping company

– Diagnosis of causes of malfunction and assessment of optimization of ship functionality

– Depending on the cost and calculation of basic costs in function or repair based on the type of ship

– Modern technology systems

– Case studies