Our academics are industrious book authors. A few interesting books by our staff:

  1. Karkazis, J., (2013). The Syrian Crisis as the prelude of a new order in the Region. Reshaping the power balance equilibrium in Europe and re-designing frontiers in the Middle East. Center of Strategic Studies (Constantine Porphyrogenetus Int. Ass.), (54 pages).
  2. Rontos, K., Sioussouras, P., & Vavouras, I. (2013). Corruption in the Mediterranena and Balcan countries: Main determinants and regional differences. New York: Nova Publishers.
  3. Roumboutsos, A., Farrell, S., Liyanage, C. L6, &.  Macário, R. (2012). COST Action TU1001 Public Private Partnerships in Transport: Trends & Theory P3T3, 2013 Discussion Papers Part II Case Studies, ISBN 978-88-97781-61-5.
  4. Pallis A.A. (2007). Maritime Transport: The Greek Paradigm. London: Elsevier. ISBN-978-0-7623-1449-2, Series Editor: M. Dresner. 26/07/2007.