Journal Papers

Our academics and doctoral students publish regularly their research results, in high-impact journals. Indicative, recent publications are the following:

  • Syriopoulos, T. and Bakos, G. (2019) ‘Investor Herding Behaviour in Globally Listed Shipping Stock Returns’, Maritime Policy and Management, DOI:10.1080/03088839.2019.1597288.

  • Syriopoulos, T. and Gavalas, D. (2019) ‘How Sticky are the Costs? Evidence from the Shipping Industry’, International Journal Accounting and Finance Studies, 2(1), 1-16-.

  • Syriopoulos, T. and Jaghoubia, S.M. (2018) ‘Dual Long Memory Properties and Stock Market Efficiency in External Shocks: Evidence from Leading Oil-Dependent Markets’, Transylvanian Review 26(35), 1-18.

  • Syriopoulos, T. and Gavalas, D. (2018) ‘Applying the Corporate Social Responsibility to the Shipping Industry’, International Journal of Accounting and Financial Reporting, 8(1), 155-169.

  • Pallis A.A., Arapi K.P., Papachristou A.A. (2019). Models of Cruise Ports Governance. Maritime Policy and Management, 46(5), 630-651.

  • Parola, F., Pallis, A.A., Song D-W. (2019), Shipping and Port Marketing, Transport Policy.

  • Parola, F., Pallis, A.A., Risitano, M., Ferretti, M. (2018). Marketing strategies of port authorities: A multi-dimensional theorisation, Transportation Research Policy and Practice Part A 111, 199-212.

  • Polydoropoulou, A., I. Pagoni, A. Tsirimpa, I. Tsouros (2019). “Modelling Travellers’ Behaviour in the Presence of Reward Schemes Offered for Green Multimodal Choices.” In “Data analytics: Paving the way to sustainable urban mobility”, Book series on Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing, by Springer, Editors: Nathanail, E. and I.D. Karakikes.

  • Roumboutsos, A., A. Tsirimpa, I. Pagoni, A. Polydoropoulou. “MaaS: The Revenue Allocation Challenge.” Accepted for publication in UNECE Report “Transport Trends and Economics 2018–2019: Mobility as a Service”.

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