Conference Papers

Our academics and doctoral researchers regularly attend and present their work in conferences, such as IAME, WCTR, TRB and many more that foster a vibrant academic discourse in all relevant scientific and engineering fields. Indicative, recent works:

  • Syriopoulos, T., Tsatsaronis, M. and Gkorila, M. (2020). ‘Financing decisions for sustainable growth In the cruise industry’, Cartagena Conference – Cruise Dialogue, Colombia.
  • Syriopoulos T., Vasileiou, E., Syriopoulos, T., Tsatsaronis, M. and Vlachou, P. (2019). ‘Does the Value-at-Risk legislative framework lead to procyclical risk estimations?’ Financial Engineering and Banking Society, Athens.
  • Syriopoulos, T., Tsatsaronis, M., Gavalas, D. and Karamanos, I. (2019). ‘Support vector machine (SVM) assessment in ship price forecasting’, IAME International Conference, Athens.
  • Kollia S. and Pallis A.A. (2019). Vertical integration in container ports: Assessing the European Commission decisional practice on competition effects. International Association of Maritime Economists (IAME) Conference 2019,Athens, Greece, June
  • Roumboutsos, A., Kapros, S. and Vanelslander , (2019) Arriving: Why is Integrated Information so Difficult to Come by at Terminals? Transportation Research Board 2019 Annual Meeting, Washington D.C., Jan. 13 – 17, 2019
  • Tsouros, I., A. Polydoropoulou (2017). “Who will buy alternative fueled or automatic vehicles: A modular, behavioral modelling approach”, Paper presented at the Transportation Research Board 96th Annual Meeting, Washington, D.C., January 8-12, 2017.
  • Valentin C., Sys C., Vanelslander T., Roumboutsos A. (2016) Digital Innovation in the Port Sector: Objectives, Barriers and Facilitators, IAME Conference 2016, 23-26 August 2016, Hamburg Germany
  • Lirn, T.C., Strandenes, S., and Thanopoulou, H. 2016.A pilot AHP analysis of lay-up decision making in the dry bulk market . Paper presented at IAME, 23-26 August 2016, Hamburg, Germany
  • Nikitakos, N., Stefanakou, A., (2013). « The Impacts on Human Health of Wind
    Turbine Noise Emissions & the Installation Prospective of Floating Wind Parks in
    Remoted Areas as a Solution». Paper presented at the EchoPolis Conference, «Sound,
    Noise, Music in Re-thinking the City». Greece, Athens
  • Kamargianni, M., M. Ben-Akiva, and A. Polydoropoulou (2014). “Integrating Social
    Interaction into Hybrid Choice Models.” Presented at the 93rd Annual Meeting of
    the Transport Research Board (TRB), Washington D.C., 12-16 January, 2014.
  • Kamargianni, M., and A. Polydoropoulou (2014). “Social Networking Effect on Net
    Generation’s Trip Making Behavior. Findings from a Latent Class Model.” Presented at
    the 93rd Annual Meeting of the Transport Research Board (TRB), Washington D.C., 12-
    16 January, 2014.
  • Tsouros, I., and A. Polydoropoulou (2014). “Data-Rich Environments: Integrating GPS
    traces with GIS cognitive maps for a sustainable transport analysis” Paper presented at
    2nd conference on sustainable urban mobility, Volos, Greece, 5-6 May, 2014